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the classification of resin anchoring agent
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What is the anchoring agent? The anchoring agent is a high-strength anchoring agent that uses unsaturated polyester resin and marble powder, accelerators and auxiliary materials. It is a cement-like bonding material formulated at a certain ratio. The cement is cured with a special polyester film The agent is divided into two-component packaged medicine rolls. Resin anchoring agent is formulated with unsaturated resin, curing agent, accelerator and other materials in a certain proportion. It has the characteristics of fast curing, high bonding strength, reliable anchoring force, etc., and can be used with ordinary anchors, threaded steel anchors, Ancillary use of bamboo anchors. Since the 1980s, the Ministry of Coal has used resin anchoring agents as the first material for new large-scale, extra-large-scale, mine, wellbore equipment installation, and fixed anchors, and has been included in the regulations. At present, many domestic coal mines have comprehensively promoted the use of anchoring agents in shafts, anchors, and shotcrete support projects. Due to the reliable anchoring force, there has never been a resin anchor anchoring agent safety accident nationwide; the comprehensive cost of support per meter of roadway is low. The technical and economic benefits are obvious. Therefore, resin anchoring agent is the best anchoring material in modern engineering. Resin anchoring agent model classification diameters: ¢ 21mm, ¢ 23mm, ¢ 28mm, ¢ 32mm, ¢ 35mm, ¢ 42mm, ¢ 70mm. Lengths are: 300mm, 330mm, 350mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm 660mm, 750mm, 880mm, etc. It can also be customized according to user needs. Building structural adhesive: In recent years, building structural adhesive has been widely used in many fields as a new type of bonding material. It can be used for building tendons, wall bonding steel, bonded carbon fiber, joints, etc., with fast speed, high strength, Easy to operate and so on. This product has excellent shelf life, high anchoring strength, and convenient construction. It can be used with metal or glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor rods, and has been widely used in underground engineering, slope support, equipment installation of vertical shafts, connection of building components, and anchoring of equipment foundations. It is the best anchoring material in modern anchoring engineering. Use method of resin anchoring agent 1. Select the specification and model of resin anchoring agent according to the diameter of the drilling hole. 2. According to the specifications of the resin anchoring agent and the length of the rod required by the design, determine that the drilling depth is 60-80mm shorter than the length of the rod. 3. Clean the eye dust with compressed air. 4. According to the designed anchoring length, use the rod body to uniformly push the selected resin anchoring agent to the bottom of the hole, and the stirring time is ultra fast anchoring agent 8-15S; other anchoring agents 20-35S. 5. After removing the stirrer, wedge the rod body at the orifice in time. Do not shake or shake it before curing. It is especially important when installing the top eye. It is advisable to test the anchoring force after 15 minutes at fast speed and 40 minutes at medium speed. 6. The fast and medium speeds are 7 minutes, and after 12 minutes, the upper support plate can be loaded by tightening the nut. 7. The stirring installation tool is installed according to the on-site installation or stirring, or the electric coal drill is added with a tight head and a tight nut is installed. If an anchor drilling rig is used, it is more convenient to operate drilling and installation of the same anchor. Resin anchoring agent has the advantages of high early strength, good construction performance, no site limitation, no rust effect on steel bars, and good impermeability. The anchoring agent in buildings is also called structural anchoring glue, which is used for anchoring steel bars and bolts.

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