20 years of precipitation, has a strong strength. Take quality as the survival, take management as the benefit, take customer satisfaction as the development, continuous improvement and continuous innovation. The company has two physical warehouses, and has long-term cooperation with more than 300 factories and distributors with good reputation.

The company's main products are: unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxy resin of various functional models, resin gel coat, color paste pigment, fiberglass surface PU paint, fiberglass, hemp fiber, silica gel, quartz sand, marble sand, filling powder and other auxiliary raw materials. Widely used in FRP products, anti-corrosion engineering, resin crafts, artificial stone and other industries, material varieties have more than 100 kinds of chemical materials one-stop supply. Our company also does the network sale service in Taobao...

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10 years product technology and quality precipitation, suppliers selected by large enterprises such as export companies。

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Take quality as survival,seek benefit with management,innovate constantly

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